The IT diagnosis is economic efficiently by identifying the issues facing your organization's IT environment, including all key issues. The sooner a significant problem area be identified, the better ATS and management team can agree on a more detailed investigation of the specific issues.

ATS Information Technology (IT) Diagnosis Service is proposed to help you gain a better understanding of your current and future IT issues.


The key objective of the IT diagnosis is to determine the extent of which existing technology and systems meet the needs, goals and objectives of the business.


The scope of the diagnosis includes:

• Structured interviews with key members of the IT user community to assess satisfaction, issues and ideas for improvement.

• Review existing accounting and business software applications / systems to determine whether they meet the needs of your business – both current and future.

• Review the IT strategic planning process.

• Assess the IT management, budgeting, performance measurement and project management methodologies.

• Review IT operations – day to day operations and routines, backups, etc.

• Assess IT skills and capabilities, together with training and learning programs.

• Review IT controls – security, policies and procedures, segregation of duties.


AT provides management team with a detailed diagnosis of the IT systems and high-level practical recommendations or ideas for improvement, which are included resources and cost estimates.

“By periodically diagnosing your IT state, potential issues could be disclosed. Hence, the best suit prescription will be submitted on a timely basis”

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