Manufacturing has come a long way in just a few short years. We're helping businesses evolve and thrive in a changing world, where disruptive technologies and talent challenges are taking center stage.

Manufacturing industry is characterized by geographically dispersed production and rapid market-driven changes, providing employment opportunities to millions of workers worldwide especially for young women. Due to the scale and the profile of workers employed, the sector offers great potential to contribute significantly to economic and social development.

ATS, based on Microsoft Dynamics, gives specific vertical solutions to support your business improvement initiatives, providing visibility, improved operational efficiency and flexibility in the fashion supply chain, involved in sourcing, providing a single, reliable point of reference for coordination and control to an otherwise hectic fashion environment. It offers visibility and clear information for all key processes from design to delivery.

It is also a vital planning tool for manufacturers to achieve effective capacity management and improve competitiveness. With lead times and margins being continually squeezed, the pressure to manage production well, without additional costs, such as air shipment or excessive overtime, has never been greater.

For textile and other raw material producers who also need to plan quickly, accurately and effectively in order to respond to apparel manufacturer requirements for flexibility and shorter lead times, this amazing solutions could be the most ultimate choice.

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